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Lamb shank simmered to perfection

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halal meats

we use USDA approved HALAL lamb and chicken. There is no beef or any other type of meat in our products .


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: Lamb Shank is slow cooked in traditional broth infused with cockscomb, shallot and a host of spices. The essence is to ensure the spicy broth is all soaked up by the shank, while the broth is reduced to a very thick consistency that laces the shank to perfection. Served as one of the starters, the very soft shank is typically shared by 3-4 individuals enjoying the meal together.

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Small size 728Energy/Kj 1054energy/kcal 68fat/g 25carbohydrate/g 48sugar/g 548protein/g 9salt 15lactose/g
Allergies Egg milk protein sesame seed lactose gluten mustard