Marchewangan Korma


Cooked dried whole chilies ground to perfection and passed through a muslin sieve with bone-in tender pieces of lamb shoulder

halal meats

we use USDA approved HALAL lamb and chicken. There is no beef or any other type of meat in our products .


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Marchewangan means chillis and Korma is a curry. This chilli paste based curry has a very specific manner of preperation in which a certain variety of fiery red (but not very hot) whole dried chilies are boiled until very soft and then ground into a paste and passed through a muslin sieve to separate the fiber/cover from the core. The chilli paste thus produced is the core, to which bone-in pieces of boiled lamb shoulder are added. In a rich blend of whole and powdered spices, the chilli with lamb is slow cooked in oil and some tamarind pulp added towards the end to impart is slightly tart taste. While the dish appears fiery, it is not very spicy to taste and can be enjoyed as a very unique curry.

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Small size 728Energy/Kj 1054energy/kcal 68fat/g 25carbohydrate/g 48sugar/g 548protein/g 9salt 15lactose/g
Allergies Egg milk protein sesame seed lactose gluten mustard