Premium Tabak Maaz


Roasted lamb ribs simmered in broth to perfection and flat pan-fried. Our premium Tabak Maaz is prepared from choice American born lamb, raised and harvested right here in the United States

halal meats

we use USDA approved HALAL lamb and chicken. There is no beef or any other type of meat in our products .


We ship our packages within 7 days for the west coast and 5 days for the east coast and central United states


Tabak Maaz is a popular product of Wazwan made from the rib portion of lamb meat. The rib of lamb is cut into thin long pieces, moderately steam cooked, and applied with salt and turmeric. The succulent meat chunks are shallow fried in desi ghee over mild heat for a longer period. The finished product becomes crispy in nature and is served as dry roasted/pan fried pieces.